How we determine what to pay

Our innovative processes get you better prices

Our innovative sorting and valuation process, data analytics, and volume pricing enable us to pay you more while providing a portion of our profit  to help children through the National Children’s Oral Health Foundation – “America’s Tooth Fairy”.

We sort and value crowns at your office

When your EcoSolutions Area Representative comes to your office please give him/her a small well lit counter space to work and your container of scrap. They will then sort your saved scrap into gold crowns (Gold A, Gold B) and PFM crowns (White A and White B). The “B” designation means that there is a tooth, post or other extra mass attached to the crown. We reduce the buy price slightly for scrap classified as “B” quality to compensate for non-valuable weight.

After sorting, the rep will then weigh each category of scrap on a calibrated jewelry scale and record it on a three part Buy Slip that is Patriot Act compliant. The next step is to calculate the price of each category of scrap, complete the form and give you a total price.  If you accept the proposed purchase price, your EcoSolutions  rep will pay you cash and leave a copy of the Buy Slip.

The entire process typically takes between 15 and 20 minutes.

It’s that simple. But only because of the rep training, ongoing processes, procedures, pricing and oversight that take place well before they arrive at your office.

Our volume pricing relies on internal data and spot prices

We buy dental scrap at prices based on the potential market value of the precious metals in the gold and PFM crowns. The material we buy from you is far from pure gold and can vary drastically in its purity and value. You should understand that we take a risk every time we evaluate and purchase dental scrap for cash. Some key factors in our estimations include:

  • Local factors. But we believe we’re very good at the estimation process and assemble careful analytics on everything we buy and refine by local area. Why? Because the material we buy was typically placed 15+ years ago and labs in each area used a variety of alloys with differing values. So, we try and optimize prices for you based on today’s rates and our best estimate of the value of the material that is now more than a decade old. With all these factors in mind, we structure our cash estimates so that we can give you the best possible price.
  • Data driven. Our extensive data on thousands of refined lots of gold and PFM crowns enable us to reliably predict how much palladium, gold and silver can be recovered over time. Our data allows us to determine a “co-op” or average price based upon our internal data and international spot prices for precious metals. The EcoSolutions co-op price generally far exceeds what we could pay each dentist if we attempted to assay and refine each small lot of scrap. Each time we buy from you, your lot may be slightly higher or lower in metal value than our average but because of our efficiencies the price we can pay is much higher for all and a much better price for you throughout our relationship with you.


We pay more for PFMs

Much of the focus in the industry is on gold crowns. But EcoSolutions has invested significant resources in developing processes that enable us to capture and deliver more value from PFMs, formerly considered the stepchild of dental scrap.  This enables us to pay a substantial more for PFMs than other organizations. Our PFM processes are based upon large volumes per refine which allow for efficiencies of scale. We do not represent that we do an assay on each small lot of crowns purchased. To do so greatly increases costs and significantly reduces what we or anyone else can pay for PFMs.

Dentists trust us. So can you.

Dentists all over the country trust EcoSolutions. We have more and more patients wanting to use our service. So we have recently launched our patient mailer program where if you have a gold crown, we’ll send you a free packet for mailing us your gold crown.

We offer a crown-back guarantee that our prices will exceed local gold buyers and others who lack experience handling dental gold. If your expectations are higher than the amount of our check, return the check and we’ll return your gold crown.

Please remember that a portion of what we earn from buying and refining your gold crown goes to benefit children via America’s Tooth Fairy, our partner.

Get started. It’s easy.

Simply fill out the form below and we’ll get you your gold crown packet right away. [Note: we will not use your contact information for any purpose other than providing you our gold crown refining service.]

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Our representatives work where they live.

While TSC EcoSolutions is a national company, our representatives are your neighbors.

We’ve observed that many dental scrap buying/refining companies’ buyers cover multiples states and charge through large areas with little thought for you and your patients. Some buyers float through areas buying up scrap with no intention of returning or care little about their local reputation.

Sadly, there are also many fraudulent websites and organizations that appear highly credible but  stay online just long enough to collect scrap mailed by dentists and then disappear without any payment to the dentists. They are often designed to look like truly credible sites. Many dentists have lost a great deal of money being scammed by such “rotator” sites.

With us you don’t have to wonder or wait – we value your scrap and pay cash immediately!

Our aim is to provide you with a long term relationship and extraordinary service from a local representative you can know and trust. Please give them an opportunity to serve you.


Read some testimonials from dentists, their staff, and patients who work with TSC EcoSolutions. And, we love them right back!

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Contact us

TSC EcoSolutions is a fast-growing national company with local representatives in your market. To contact us:

TSC EcoSolutions LLC
520 N. Main St., Ste. 227
Heber City, UT 84032


Great team. Great experience. Great return.

Join our team

We are constantly looking for seasoned professionals who seek an opportunity to work with a growing, vibrant, trustworthy organization in a stable industry.  Our local representatives serve tens of thousands of dental practices by regularly visiting them to evaluate and deliver optimal value for their dental scrap. We provide one-on-one training for new representatives. We also provide ongoing training and certification programs to help our representatives hone their skills as communicators, customer service professionals, and dental material precious metals experts.

A successful candidate will possess the following attributes:

  • Superb communication skills — excellent verbal, phone, and written communication capabilities.
  • Strong work ethic – one who tenaciously pursues success, savoring the rewards of hard work.
  • Chronic optimist — seeks the bright side of any experience and is unfazed by temporary rejection.
  • People person — loves to make personal connections with dentists and staff. Enjoys meeting new people and exploring new places.
  • Aggressive learner — willing to incorporate new technologies and analytical tools.
  • Seasoned professional — several years of experience as a professional and/or commensurate experience managing a family.
  • Unquestionable integrity — in an industry rife with questionable characters, this characteristic is a must.

Our representatives work as independent contractors and are responsible for personal transportation, cell phone and computer with online services. TSC EcoSolutions provides training, evaluation equipment, materials and supplies, databases, technology, management and cash for purchase of dental scrap materials.

Representatives receive a commission for all purchases, but are not responsible for any personal cash investment, nor are they part of a multi-level marketing organization. Representatives typically are able to make a significant part-time income by working 1-2 days per week, and a remarkably good income working 3-4 days a week.

New areas

TSC EcoSolutions currently is seeking representatives to live and work in the following geographical areas:

  • Alabama
  • Georgia
  • Illinois — South
  • Indiana — South
  • Kentucky
  • Mississippi position filled
  • Ohio — North
  • Ohio – South
  • Oregon — West
  • South Carolina
  • Tennessee
  • Texas – El Paso
  • Texas – Houston (East)
  • Texas – Houston (West) position filled
  • Texas – San Antonio

For inquiries or to apply for a position, please email

Our background

TSC Ecosolutions is a national company with services throughout the Intermountain and Midwest regions, growing rapidly into other areas. We bring deep professional service experience to the dental industry. Our management and local representatives come from a variety of backgrounds but share a commitment to professional, trustworthy service. Each member of our company team has been hand-picked for their integrity and capability.

Our commitment to you

We deliver timely, trustworthy, and transparent service for dental practices seeking to recycle removed dental crowns, and we give back to the community.

Leadership Experience

Dick Sanders, Founder and President of TSC EcoSolutions, LLC

Educated at Brigham Young University and the University of Florida College of Law, Dick Sanders began his career as a Tax/Business attorney based in Boise, ID and quickly found his niche in business development and innovation. His practice included medical, foundations, major recreation, public utility, mining, timber and manufacturing clients. He did extensive work in mergers and acquisitions.  Then, having caught the entrepreneurial bug, Mr. Sanders embarked on a thirty year career launching and building market-driven, environmentally-oriented businesses. Some examples include:

  • An industrial drying technology business that transformed by-product brewer’s yeast streams produced by the brewing industry, previously discarded as waste, and turned it into a vital resource for the pharmaceutical industry.
  • A leading water conservation company that invented and installed devices in homes and apartments throughout the West and Southwest’s most water-strapped communities, not only saving natural resources, but also city and county budgets.
  • Developed, owned and managed urgent care and family health centers and full service medical imaging centers, helping to meet the needs of his community in northern Arizona.  His company hired as many as nine doctors in a single year.
  • Consulted in the medical/dental industry in areas of development, compliance, divestitures, acquisitions and consolidations.
  • With more than 32 years of experience providing economic and ecological solutions to the medical, dental, recycle and other industry, Mr. Sanders recognized the need for a company that better served the recycling interests of the dental industry. He developed a special relationship with an international refining company, working together with them to create more value from dental scrap, especially PFMs, all in compliance with the Patriot Act and highest ecological standards.

Additional Experience

As a company that manages precious metals, we seek to maintain the privacy of our representatives and staff. We have attracted a fascinating array of talent and experience to deliver a new level of service and trust to dental scrap recycling. The following is a sampling of the background and experience of our team:

  • Strategic project management in the telecom industry
  • Graduate student from Harvard University
  • Strategy and business analyst in technology industry
  • Sales and service in recreational vehicle industry
  • Mothers who care for children and manage busy households
  • Health and financial services for small business
  • Technical manager in communications industry
  • Finance and accounting services





Why save dental scrap?

Extracted dental materials contain valuable precious metals that can and should be recycled. By accumulating both gold and PFM crowns for periodic sale to our representatives, you’ll create an additional source of revenue for your dental practice.

Who is TSC EcoSolutions?

We help dental practices maximize returns on precious metals found in extracted gold and porcelain fused to metal (PFM) crowns.

If I am a dentist, how do I connect with a TSC EcoSolutions representative in my area?

If you are a dental office with questions about or interest in TSC EcoSolutions services, you may reach us by:

If I am a patient with a gold crown, how do I connect with TSC EcoSolutions to get cash for my extracted gold crown? 

If you are a patient who received a mailer from your dentist’s office with questions about next steps. Or if you would like us to send you a patient crown mailer, you may reach us by:


We give back. You give back.

Our company is filled with people who care for others. We have also seen how your staff cares for your patients, particularly the children. For this reason, we have teamed up with the National Children’s Oral Health Foundation, also known as America’s Toothfairy. We are a corporate sponsor of the NCOHF’s efforts to improve the oral health of millions of children devoting a portion of our profits to this worthy cause.

Become a Dentist of Distinction

We also advocate Dentists become involved in the National Children’s Oral Health Foundation (NCOHF) Dentist of Distinction program which provides dentists with an opportunity to establish their practice as the oral health resource in their communities while highlighting their commitment to children’s oral health.

Every crown sold to us leads to a healthy smile on a child.

By working with EcoSolutions you’ll be helping the NCOHF bless the lives of children everywhere, including the children in your community. Every tooth saved and sold to us helps lead to a healthy smile on a child.

Like we said, we’re a different company. Please help us help children!


Thoughtful partners. Delivering value.

Industry data

We buy dental scrap for the potential market value of the precious metals in the gold and PFM crowns. We take a risk every time we evaluate and purchase dental scrap for cash. But we’re very good at it, and keep careful analytics on everything we buy and refine by area and timing. Why? Because the material we buy was typically a procedure done 15+ years ago and certain labs had different standards by geography. So, we try and optimize prices for you based on today’s rates and our best estimate of the value of the material that is now more than a decade old.

The following charts indicate movements in the precious metals industry. Please note that these are prices for pure metals in ounces:

[Most Recent Quotes from] [Most Recent Quotes from]

[Most Recent Quotes from]  [Most Recent Quotes from]

Remember, the material we buy from you is far from pure and we incur further evaluation, refining, and other transaction costs. So we adjust our cash prices so that we can give you the best price possible while still ensuring that our representatives and charity partners receive an ample share.

EcoSolutions Tax memo

Understanding and executing proper tax strategies can save you thousands of dollars each year and prepare you for retirement.  Click here for ideas on how you can turn dental scrap into retirement money.

TSC EcoSolutions tax memo